Snacks and Desserts


Bonne Maman Preserves add delectable twists to sweet snacks & desserts

It’s easy to add deliciously surprising twists to dessert recipes with Bonne Maman preserves! Whether making warm or cold treats, there’s a good chance your favorite fruit preserves flavor can easily be added to the recipe.

Take cupcakes, for example. Try adding a dash of all-natural fruit goodness by indenting the cupcake centers and adding a teaspoon of Bonne Maman preserves as a filling just before baking. Preserves also can be used as fillings on cookies.

Glazes are another way to use Bonne Maman flavors in desserts. Any flavor of preserves – though strawberry and raspberry are particularly excellent, especially with chocolate flavored treats – can be made into a lovely sweet glaze. Try heating chocolate, butter, milk, vanilla extract and raspberry jam into a thin glaze. It’s a perfect topping for brownies, doughnuts, cookies or pound cakes.

Of course, simply using Bonne Maman Preserves as a standalone frosting is also a delicious option. Try Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves as a topping on plain white cakes. Other flavors of preserves, like raspberry and strawberry, can be used too. They are flavorful and sweet enough to replace traditional frosting – and add a healthier, fruity flavor!