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Mini Jar Shakers

Have some mini jars leftover from your holiday advent calendar? Simply poke a few holes in the top of the lids, and you’ll have an upcycled assortment of petite salt, pepper, and cinnamon sugar shakers!


  • Empty and clean mini Bonne Maman jars
  • Permanent marker
  • Small wood backing for lid
  • 1/16" hole-making tool (drill or rotary tool with bit, punch & hammer)
  • Rubbing alcohol

First, decide which seasonings you’d like to make shakers for and gather your chosen amount of clean mini jars. Using a permanent marker, use dots to mark your lid with the pattern of your choice. (We’ve marked our salt with an S, our pepper with a P, and our cinnamon-sugar with a C.)

Put a small piece of wood up against the bottom of the lid to help protect the surface you’re working on and keep the shape of the lid. With either a metal punch, drill, or rotary tool, make several 1/16″ holes along the letter or pattern you’ve marked.

When you’re happy with the number of holes and their placement, use a paper towel or cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to wipe away any permanent marker. Fill the jars with your seasonings, screw the lids on tight, and start shaking!

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