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Jack-O-Lantern Jars

Upcycle your used Bonne Maman jars with these fun DIY jack-o-lanterns – perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit and great for setting out candy around the house! Get started today with these easy steps.

Yields 4 jars


  • 4 Empty & Clean Bonne Maman Jars, Label Removed
  • Non-Toxic Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Wire Cutters/Pliers
  • Silver 20 Gauge Wire
  • Small Sheet of Black Vinyl
  • Food-safe sealant spray


Clean and remove the label on 4 empty Bonne Maman jars. Labels are easily removed by soaking in warm water. In a bowl, mix orange acrylic paint with a very small amount of water until blended. Pour paint into the empty jar, spinning and turning the jar until the entire jar is coated.

Tip the jar over the paint bowl, pouring the leftover paint back into it and wipe the rim of the jar with a clean paper towel. Dry the jars. Once dry, spray the interior with food-safe sealant spray. Using the small sheet of black vinyl, cut out jack-o-lantern face shapes.

Wrap the wire around the lip of the jar, cut with keeping about an inch of excess wire. Twist the ends together.

Cut another piece of wire to be the handles, about 7-8 inches. Place each end of this wire under the wire currently on the jar. Loop the ends up and around wire on the jar, and twist it onto itself to create the handle.

Peel and apply the black vinyl faces onto the jar.

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