Side Dishes


Gourmet Side Dishes

Save a spot at your table for a side dish with the fresh, sweet flavor of Bonne Maman!

Thanksgiving is all about family and flavor. Traditional dishes rule the menu, but that doesn’t mean some new flavors can’t be introduced!

An occasion as special as Thanksgiving deserves some scrumptious surprises. Serving a new side dish featuring Bonne Maman will compliment your traditional holiday foods divinely with a sweet, natural and wholesome flavor.

Making a sweet glaze for vegetable dishes is one of the most delicious ways to use our all-natural preserves in side dishes.

Our Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade Glaze for Asparagus recipe features fresh orange juice combined with our Orange Marmalade for a smooth and tasty asparagus glaze.
This easy-to-make dish offers a great flavor and the recipe can be made with other vegetables as well, such as green beans or shallots. Adapt it further by roasting the vegetables and adding sliced almonds or crumbled walnuts to the mix.

Other side dishes featuring our all-natural fruit flavors include our salad with scallops and strawberry dressing and strawberry baked Brie recipes.