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Preserves & Yogurt Ice Pops

Preserves & Yogurt Ice Pops

Preserves & Yogurt Ice Pops


24-oz container plain yogurt or non-dairy alternative (3 cups)

1 3-oz. box flavored gelatin (match the gelatin flavor to the preserves)

1/4 C Bonne Maman Preserves (we recommend cherry, raspberry or strawberry)

1 C water

Ice pop molds or small cups and ice pop sticks


Bring water to a boil.

Add gelatin and turn off heat. Mix with a whisk until gelatin is dissolved.

Add preserves and stir.

Remove from heat and add plain yogurt one cup at a time.

Pour into ice pop molds or cups.

If using cups, place them in a baking dish for easier freezer storage. After about a half hour, place an ice pop stick in each cup. Or, put foil over the entire dish and poke holes so the sticks will stand up.

Freeze for six hours or overnight.

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