Finger Foods


Gourmet Finger Foods

Make a mini appetizer with the sweet fruit flavors of Bonne Maman.
From sweet and savory appetizer combinations to simple sweet snacks, our fruit preserves are perfect for easy-to-eat finger foods!

There are many ways to make flavorful finger foods with Bonne Maman Preserves and Jellies. Here are two of our favorites.

Fig Preserves with Brie – A simple treat, this combination features our ripened fig preserves taste great with salty, creamy cheeses like Brie. The figs’ natural sweetness is a great contrast and the smooth Brie adds complex flavors without dominating the sweet figs. Serve it on small slices of toast for a decadent yet no fuss weekend breakfast.

Savory Peach Tartlets – A truly flavorful option for a picnic or party, these lovely summer tartlets feature Spanish onions, fresh garlic and rosemary sprigs, cheese, white wine and our refreshing Peach Preserves. The bold ingredients mesh together beautifully and create a perfect medley of sweet and salty flavors. See the full recipe here.